Sport karate



The World of karate-do has seen many changes that have taken place over the years. Today with the advent of television audiences and the professional outlook to sport, all major Sporting events have become major media events. Therefore it was inevitable that the purely Budo art of Karate-do would also venture into the realm of Sports. The Japan Karate Association believes that the Karatedo of the JKA is purely Budo and has it's own rules that govern Tournaments. (see JKA Tournament rules )

                   The International Olympic Council has also recognized the sport of Karate-do as a discipline and in Asia the sport is already a permanent discipline in the Asian Games. The rules that govern tournaments that all Styles participate in treat the art as purely a sport. These rules are framed by the World Karate Federation that has been recognized by the IOC. (see WKF Tournament rules )