Photo Gallery
The Chief Instructor of JKAI presenting a Karate Do-gi to the Chairman of the JKAI Left to Right
Shihan Shoichi Sasaki and the Hon. Omak Apang     
Ex. Member of Parliment from Arunachal Pradesh

JKA India Team to Japan (1982)
Standing left to right : R. Jaisingh, V.Korgaonkar, S.Parekh, A. Ratna, A. Garodia & A. Carneiro
JKA India Team to Japan (1984)
Standing Left to Rright Sensei I Sato (Monaco), Shihan S. Sasaki. Y. Saito(Japan)
Seated left to right
H.Udani, A.Patil, A. Ratna, A. Gaorodia, K. Naoroji
JKA India Team to Japan
Standing Back Row L to R
Santosh Punganur, Kishore Kotwal, Anand Ratna & R. Jaising
Front Row L to R.
Japanese student, Omura Sensei, Tanaka Sensei and Anil Sinha
Osaka Sensei explaining the finer points of Kata to the JKA India Team in Japan1984
Left to right
Sasaki Shoichi Sensei Back to Camera & Osaka Sensei

India's Gold Medallist at the Shoto Cup in France giving a Demonstration of Self Defence at the JKAI Nationals in Mumbai

JKA India Team to Japan (1989)
Standing left to right
S. Burman, Meena Agarwal, Nagaaki (Japan)  R. Jaising, R.Jana, Kikuchi(Japan)
Seated Left to Right
A. Ratna, A. Garodia, A. Niangti, M. Hazarika

The JKA India Team lined up at the Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Shoto World Cup in Tokyo Japan
Front to back
Anand Ratna, S. Sasmal, T.Carneiro, N.Prasad,
K.Naoroji & C.Shetty

(Standing left to right)
C. Shetty, N. Prasad,Tanaka Shihan ,A. Carneiro,K.Naoroji (Seated) A. Ratna

after Anand Ratna became the first Indian to pass the JKA Instructor and Judge Licence
Team training in Japan (1992) With Tanaka Sensei

The JKA India Team for the 1996 Shoto World Cup in Osaka, Japan
Back Row(Left to right)
Abdul,A.Ratna, A.Desai
Front row(Left to right)
D. Dangore, K.Ghadiali, C. Desai, A. Naikude

The JKA India Team after the Closing Ceremony of the 1998 Shoto World Cup in France
Standing L to R
S. D'Souza, Anand Ratna, Linza Syiem with the Winner's plaque, Stephen Leong, Neeraj Dhawan
Seated L to R
P.Das, V. Singh, Damang Syngkon