The Japan Karate Association of India was setup with the objective of propogation of Shotokan Karate in India as taught by the Japan Karate Association so as to bring about a standardization in the Shotokan style in the country and simultaenously through the martial art of karate-do establish closer links culturally and socially with the people of Japan.

To meet these objectives, the JKA India Branch is empowered to:

  1. Open Karate-do Instruction classes to teach the art.
  2. Conduct technical seminars on instruction, judgement and examinations for the Instructors of the art of JKA Shotokan Karate-do.
  3. Conduct demonstrations on the art of karate-do, issue such literature, produce films or any promotional material through other media as may be necessary to promote the art.
  4. Conduct examinations to asses the level of competence of the karate student and instructor.
  5. Hold Tournaments to encourage the spirit of competitiveness and to foster good healthy relations between the various karateka under it's banner.
  6. To affiliate itself with such bodies as is necessary for the propogation of the art and body.
  7. To foster good relations between the peoples of Japan and India using the medium  of Karate-do as a means to do so.
  8. To conduct any other such activities that may be necessary to meet the objective.