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The start of the JKA's Instruction began in the Dadar Dojo, when Sasaki Shoichi Sensei was appointed the Chief Instructor for India by Nakayama Sensei. The year was 1978 and the culmination of the efforts of the current Head Instructor of the Dadar Dojo, who had in 1976 written to the JKA and received a reply asking for more details on the dojo.

The Dadar Dojo celebrates the completion of 40 years of the establishment of the JKA in India. Over the years the Dojo has been the training center where many of the JKA Headquarters Instructors have come and imparted training. Amongst them are Sasaki Yoshitaka Sensei, Mori Minoru Sensei, Sakata Sensei, Shina Sensei, Imamura Sensei, Imura Sensei, Ohmura Sensei among others.

It has also been the Honbu Dojo for many of India's National Champions and has also produced the only two karate contestants to have received the State Government's most Prestigious Sports Award called the Chattrapathi Shivaji Puraskar.

The Dadar Dojo having been one of the Pioneer Institutes teaching Shotokan Karate in the city of Mumbai honoured it's Chief Instructor, Sasaki Shoichi Sensei in 2002, with a Certificate of Appreciation issued by the Mayor Of Mumbai City

a. Anand Ratna
Head Instructor
7th Dan JKA.
Chief Instructor for JKA India.
Authorised JKA Rep.
Special Examination Rights Holder for India for Dan and Technical licences.
b Karl Naoroji 
Permanent Instructor
5th Dan 
JKA Licenced Instructor, Judge & Examiner * National Champion * Former Member of  Indian Karate Team * Receipient of Gaurav Padak & Chattrapthi Shivaji Award for 1996 of Govt. of Maharashtra 
NOW INSTRUCTING IN NEW ZEALAND  Authorised JKA Rep. and Special Examination Rights Holder for New Zealand for Dan and Technical licences.
Chandrashekar Shetty
Permanent Instructor
5th Dan
 National Champion Former Member of Indian Karate Team * Receipient of Gaurav Padak of Govt of Maharashtra  * Recipient of Chattrapathi Shivaji Award for 1994
Savio Pinto
Permanent Instructor
3rd Dan
NationalChampion Former Member of Indian Karate Team.
Current member of the Illinois State team

Now training in Chicago, Ill. USA
  Uday Kurdekar
Permanent Instructor
3rd Dan
Maharashtra State Champion Former Member of State Team
  Bhagyashri Khot
Permanent Instructor
5th Dan
 Maharashtra State Women's Champion
Mahendra Satdive
3rd Dan
Surendra Tiwari
Asst. Instructor
3rd Dan
 Mah State Champion, Member of the JKA India National Team
Virendra Pardesi
Asst Instructor
3rd Dan
In charge of Satara District
Pradeep Shinde
Asst. Instructor

2nd Dan
In charge of Pune city Dojo

Uday Pasad Shodan
In charge Karad Town