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June26, 1941 ~ May9, 2015
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The Japan Karate Association (JKA) is a Corporation under the Ministry of Education in Japan. It was established on March 20 1950 by Master Funakoshi Gichin as the NIHON KARATE KYOKAI or JAPAN KARATE ASSOCIATION when translated into English.The Association was made a corporation by the Ministry of Education of Japan on April 10, 1958 and got the title of SHADANHOUJIN - NIHON KARATE KYOKAI. Using a professional outlook towards the propogation of the art of Karate-do, the JKA started an Instructors course programme which produced some of the best known names in the Karate world. . With these qualified instructors of the JKA spreading to the other continents, the JKA soon spread world wide. Most of the larger Shotokan Ryu Organizations in the world today are run by Instructors who are graduates of the Instructor's Programme of the JKA. The JKA has branches in more than a 100 countries around the globe and these branches together constitute the JKA World Federation. The Branch in India is a member of the Japan Karate Association World Federation.

Karate-do literally translated from the Japanese language is the way of the empty hand. In the early days of the martial art, there were no schools, but rather the art was known by the areas which it was practiced in. Today however there are 4 major schools of karate-do, namely Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Goju Ryu and Shito Ryu recognized by various World Bodies.
Shotokan Karate in India was started more than 40 years ago with various instructors coming in with their own brand of Shotokan. However it was the advent of the JKA in India that brought the Original Shotokan to the forefront of Indian National Karate scene.

Establishment of the JKA in India
The First Chief Instructor - Sasaki Shoichi Shihan 7th Dan
Sasaki Shoichi Shihan Sasaki Shihan started Instructing in the first JKA India Branch at the Dadar Dojo in Bombay in the 70s.The process of affiliation was started by the current Technical Director of India, writing to JKA HQ seeking details of affiliation.The JKA wanted details of the class, instruction, etc., which were sent and culminated in the membership of the JKA. The Chief Instructor of the JKA, Nakayama Sensei, nominated Sasaki Shoichi Sensei as the Chief Instructor for India. The Bombay club was the first registered club from India in the JKA as in the days prior to the formation of the JKA World Federation,the JKA had a Club system. A few years later the Calcutta club run by Chairman Sensei Anil Sinha,also became a member. At the time of affiliation the Indian Branch consisted of only 2 dojos,one in Bombay at Dadar and the other in Calcutta. Today the JKA India has spanned the entire country with Branches in 21 states. Since 2008, Sasaki Sensei's ill health and personal reasons have prevented him from coming to India. However his legacy is continued by his students.
Shihan Sasaki Shoichi
Chief Instructor - JKA India
The Second Chief Instructor for India Anand Ratna Shihan 7th Dan
Anand Ratna Shihan

2nd Chief Instructor - JKA India

Ratna Shihan is responsible for bringing the JKA to India. He was the Technical Director under Sasaki Shihan. In 2006, he was appointed the Representative of the JKA in India & subsequently made Chief Instructor.He is among the few non Japanese who hold JKA's 7th Degree Black Belt. In 2012, he became the first non Japanese in the world to merit the JKA's Special Rights to conduct Exams for both Technical Licences and Dan Exams. Ratna Shihan was a Director in the National Federation from 1997 to 2006 as also the National Coach.It was during his tenure as the National Coach that India won medals at the Continental Level for the first time in 40 years. In 2002, he was appointed by the Indian Olympic Association as the leader of the first ever Indian Karate Contingent to participate at the Busan Asian Games. He was also the signatory for India during the historic WADA acceptance by WKF. After becoming the Chief Instructor for India he gave up all posts in the National Body to further the JKA in India.

The JKA India Today
Instruction: 48-JKA Licenced Instructors
Tournaments:35th JKA All India Tournament
Dan Levels: JKA India's list of Dan holders of 4 Dan above
The Late Sasaki Shihan who headed the Tohoku Region of JKA Japan had from the begining always encouraged the JKA India members to qualify for the Technical Licences. Due to his persistant encouragement and commitment to the country, the JKA India has on it's membership rolls today 48 Instructors holding licences of various levels which range from A class to D class. In the JKA India, all Examinations taken in the country are conducted by JKA Licenced examiners. Within 6 years of the establishment the JKA in India, the National Body held it's first All India JKA Tournament. The 34th Edition of this Tournament is being held in January 2016. In 2006, during the Funakoshi Gichin World Cup in Sydney Australia, JKA India was honoured to have Sensei Anand Ratna it's Technical Director as the Chief Judge for the Final of the Women's Team Kata . Since 2008, the JKA Headquarters granted Sensei Anand Ratna the Special Examiner Rights to conduct Dan Examination in India and he has been upgraded to take Dan Gradings up to the level of San Dan. In 2012, Sensei Ratna became the first Non Japanese Instructor in the world to be granted the Special Examination Rights to conduct Technical Qualification Exams outside of Japan. The JKA National Tournaments in India are now conducted solely by Instructors who hold the Technical Licence of Judge issued by the JKA.
Video clips of the JKA
36th National Program- Hyderabad 18th ~21st Jan 2019
36th JKAI All India Tournament 18th~21st January 2019

Gachibowli Stadium - Hyderabad City, Telengana State