Nihon Karate Kyokai (Dadar)   Nihon Karate Kyokai (Dadar)
Photo Gallery


Training in the Dojo Makiwara Training in the Dojo
Dojo Tournament S. Pinto & K Naoroji- 1983

Sasaki Sensei Imparting Training in 1983
The Wilson College Branch of the Club

The 1st World Shoto Cup - Tokyo 1985
After training at JKA Honbu Men's Kata Event

with Tanaka Masahiko Sensei after dojo
Anand Ratna had Sensei Omura as his opponent in Kata

World Champion Mori Sensei in 1979
World Champion Mori Sensei
signing autographs of Dadar Students
after Ist JKA Demonstration in India

L to R Anand Ratna,
Students of the Dojo
& Mori Sensei

Imamura Sensei & Shiina Sensei at the dadar Dojo
Karl & Shetty with JKA HQ Instructors
Imamura Sensei & Shiina Sensei

Karl & Shetty with Tanaka Sensei - Japan

Sasaki Sensei's New Dojo
Karl with Yoshitaka Sensei -2006
Sasaki Sensei's New dojo -2006

Karl Naoroji's dojo in New Zealand

Karl's Dojo did well in the New Zealand National Tournament
and his medal winners are seen here.
2 of Karl 's students will be participating
in the Shoto Cup in Australia
as members
of the New Zealand Team.


Karl's Dojo in New Zealand 2009 Nationals
Karls Dojo students once proved themselves
at the JKA New Zealand Nationals
winning the maximum number of medals.
Seen here with his team and JKA New Zealand's Mark Willis.